the prices below are for colored sketches with minimal shading. additionally, this service is only available for players on the PRIMAL data center.

please contact me on discord at dedtective#4979 in order to inquire. SFW drawings are always fine. NSFW drawings are dependent on the character (i.e. no lalas).

> a PORTRAIT is 10 million gil.
> a HALF-BODY is 25 million gil.

let me know if you want a specific pose/outfit/expression or if you have any appearance-changing mods. i want to render your WoL as accurately as possible!

P.S.: as of right now, buying art with gil is a rather grey area in FFXIV's terms of service. i would very much appreciate if you kept this on the down low, since if i receive a warning, i'm just going to stop doing these commissions altogether. thank you for the support!

the quality of a gil commission is a bit lower/more inconsistent than one paid with real money, but rest assured: it won't look like shit.